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    The Counseling Department at Mill Valley Middle School is dedicated to assisting students with their academic, social, and emotional needs. Counseling gives students an opportunity to talk about problems they are experiencing and to work on problem-solving in a safe, supportive, and confidential setting.  Students can request counseling by dropping a request into the wooden box in the counseling area, asking their counselor directly, asking their teacher, or by email.


    Additionally, parents, teachers, administrators, or other students may refer a student to their school counselor.    Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the counselors if they have concerns regarding their student's academic, social, or emotional development while at Mill Valley Middle School.

    Our Counseling Team

    The Counseling Department at MVMS is made up of three credentialed school counselors, one per grade level. Students are assigned to their counselor based on their current grade and counselors stay with their students throughout their time at MVMS.

    Our counseling services include:

    • Collaboration and consultation with students, teachers, families, and other providers to identify strategies to help students in areas of academic, behavior, and social-emotional well-being.
    • Serving as a resource in the area of student intervention using researched and evidence-based practices.
    • Providing personal counseling on a 1:1 basis
    • Providing conflict management between students
    • Providing targeted small-group counseling 
    • Providing crisis support 
    • Promoting high school, college & career readiness 
    • Assisting students in scheduling matters
    Contact Information:
    6th Grade Counselor: Randi Josephson -rjosephson@mvschools.org
    7th Grade Counselor: Erin Sheedy - esheedy@mvschools.org
    8th Grade Counselor: Janet Jamesson - jjamesson@mvschools.org
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    Additional Academic, Social, and Emotional Health Resources: