MVSD has an Emergency Plan which establishes the policies and specific procedures for responding to various emergency situations that could occur during school hours, such as earthquake, fire, explosion, storms, intruders, etc.

    Highlights of the plan (explained in more detail in our school handbook) are:


    • Provisions for releasing and/or sheltering students until they are able to be reunited with their families.
    • Storing first aid, search and rescue, and shelter supplies in cargo containers on the school grounds.
    • Providing first aid and other emergency response training for all staff members.
    • Assignment of staff members to specific disaster response teams, including student release, first aid, search and rescue, damage assessment, and safety and security.


    In the event of a major emergency, the decision will be made by the Superintendent to keep or release students.  Be assured that school personnel have been trained to care for your child/children until you are able to pick him/her up.  When the decision to release students, it is vital that parents comply with the procedures we have put in place for safe and orderly release of students. 


    In case of a major emergency incident:

    • Stay as calm as possible and know that we are trained and ready to respond to an emergency and to take care of students until it is safe and parents and guardians are able to pick up their children.
    • Do not drive on campus.  All areas around the school must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.  It is best to park several blocks from school and walk to pick up your child. 
    • Students will be ‘housed’ on the basketball courts nearest the field area by pod area (see attached map) and will be supervised by staff members.  We have supplies on hand to meet immediate needs.
    • When coming to the campus, staff or student helpers will direct you to the Student Release area.  It is important that all adults check-in at Student Release so we can ensure the safe release of our students. 
    • It is imperative that parents/guardians cooperate with all public-safety and orange-vested school personnel.
    • No student should be removed from the basketball courts area without signing the emergency release form at the Student Release tables.


    We also encourage you and your family to develop an Emergency Response Plan for your home and to follow the Red Cross recommendations:

    • 3 day supply of food and water (1 gal/person/day)
    • 1 change of clothing for each person
    • first aid kit, including prescription medication
    • sanitation supplies
    • extra set of car keys and cash/traveler’s checks
    • extra set of glasses if needed
    • emergency tools including flashlight with batteries and a battery operated radio
    • special items of need for elderly