• MVMS Academic Overview



    MVMS endeavors to provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum throughout a student's three years on our campus. Each year is tailored to meet students' needs in different developmental stages. 

    In the 6th grade, all of our students stay with the same Core Humanities (ELA and Social Studies) as part of their transitional support. They also all take Math 6 and the Wheel elective, which features Digital Media, Health Education, and Character Education.

    In the 7th grade, our students branch out a little more and may not have the same ELA and Social Studies teacher. They also have the ability to take on full-year electives and branch out into new possibilities. 

    In their 8th grade year, students will generally no longer have a central Core Humanities teacher, as we really try to prepare students for high school. They can also further delve into electives in a full second year of something they particularly enjoy.  Our goal will always be to prepare our students for the next stages of their lives.

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