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    Class assignments are posted on the appropriate tab at left.  Assignments are also posted on the small whiteboard in my classroom, and on your Record of Assignment which we update daily.
    Evan Lloyd                                           Office Hours:   Wednesdays after school
    elloyd@mvschools.org                                                                -or-
    Algebra/Math 8/Math 6 Support                                           by appointment
    Tam High Entry Level Math Assessment (ELMA):  Tuesday, May 21st
    Algebra Students:  Tam High Honors Geometry Test Link/Info:  Here
                                              Wednesday, May 15th
    ~Marin Math Circle:  Registration
       Algebra Parent Guide with Extra Help: Here 
        Math 8 Parent Guide with Extra Help:  Here 
       Math 8 textbook: Click Here 
     Math 8 Vocabulary:
      Period 1:  Here

      Period 2:  Here