• Ms Chris Hill

    6th Grade Science
    email: chill@mvschools.org


    2020 Distance Learning, Trimester 3:

    Live office hours via Zoom: (unless otherwise specified on Google Classroom)

    Tuesdays: Review of videos and readings 1:00-1:45 Periods 1 and 3
    1:45-2:30 Periods 2 and 4

    Fridays: Review of activity/ discussion or surprise! 10:45-11:30 Periods 2 and 4
    11:30-12:15 Periods 1 and 3


    I will be using the Live office hours for zoom sessions.  Students will receive zoom information and meeting ID/passwords the day before via Google Classroom. I will attach any necessary materials to bring to that meeting. Students are expected to attend and bring their textbook, notes, readings, pencils and any other requested items.  It is also helpful if students have access to blank paper, colored pencils and colored pens.

    Students will also be able to ask questions, review assignments and touch base with everyone! There may be times when students will also be working in break out groups.  As always, appropriate and considerate behavior is expected during these sessions at all times.


    Posting Procedures:

    I will post 4 assignments per week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, at 8 AM. Thursdays are designated as catch up days for the students