•  2020 Distance Learning-Trimester 3

    Procedures and Guidelines for Ms. Watenpaugh's Classroom

    Office Hours

    Live Office Hours via Zoom

    Wheel: 1:00-2:00 Wheel students come to check in and work on assignments.  
    Tech 3: 2:00-2:30 
    Tech 3 student come to check in and work on assignments.

    Wheel: 9am -10:00 - Wheel students come to check in and work on assignments
    Tech 3: 10:00-10:30  Tech 3 student come to check in and work on assignments.

     Email me to set that up a time to meet in zoom if you need help with an  assignment.

    If you have questions at other times, post a private comment on the assignment in Classroom. I will get back to you quickly and we will find a solution to your problem.


    Posting Procedures

    1. Four days a week daily assignment. All asignments can be found on the Classwork Page. The Stream is a place to find announcements for the class and other resources you may find interesting.

      As much as possible, these daily assignments will feature videos that include recorded videos to help you with the material.

    Grading, Due Dates, and Turn In Procedures

    • You will receive FOUR daily posts each week. Each assignment should take around 30 minutes. 
    • All work has a due date. It is posted in Google Classroom.
    • Points, scores, and credit for assignments will be returned to you via Classroom. You can see your "grade" on the Grades page in Classroom. Aeries will be updated monthly to reflect your progress. Google Classroom will provide the most up to date information. 

    Tech 3 Snapshot

    Students are divided into two sections. I am teaching the Graphic Design section. Students will study and practice different graphic design skills as they create a guided tour of thier neighborhod and its unique landmarks. Students will work on photography, audio and video recording, and writing skills as they complete this project. Students have also been give access to the Adobe Creative Suite from home until the end of May allowing them to continue working and developing skills on these apps started before the shift to distance learning.

     Wheel Classroom Snapshot

    For Wheel, students will use the third trimester to complete a changemaker action plan. Students have studied the way various people have made impacts in their communities. They have also participated in actions like making cards for meals of wheels, residents at the Redwoods or howling at night to take action. They will then develop their own plan to be a changemaker and implement it. The second major project of this final trimester will done in partnership with the Mill Valley Library. Students will create a "time capsule" that caputures their experiences during this historical time we are living through. The goal of this time capsule project is to have student experiences added to the Lucretia Little History Room. These activities incorporate technology, character and global education.



    Teacher Contact Information

     Lynne Watenpaugh
    Email  lwatenpaugh@mvschools.org