• Mill Valley Middle School

    Physical Education: Grade 7th & 8th


    Mr. Ryan O’Dea

    Room #85 A

    Phone: 415.389.7711 x 2785

    Email: rodea@mvschools.org




    *Daily Physical Activity Goal for Students (40 - 60 minutes each day)  


    Live Office Hours: Wednesdays 9-10:30AM 

    I am available for questions on assignments posted on Google Classroom Stream and check-ins during this time. I am able to respond via email or video meet on Zoom.  Students may request a Zoom meeting during this time on Wednesdays.

    Posting assignments

    Each day I will be posting Workout Challenges in Google Classroom on the Stream tab.  The class assignments are posted in the Classroom Stream tab (Not under the Assignments tab!) of our PE Google Classroom page.  These assignments include Fitness Tracking , Cardio Training, Sport Skill Practice/Drills, Nutrition, Yoga, and Meditation. 

    These assignments and daily workout challenges are focused on motivating my students to remain active and enrich their knowledge of fitness, sport and health!


    Grading assignments

    Each assigment will be worth credit points and listed/updated to Aeries portal when graded.  To turn in the assignments, students are to share with me via Google Drive or email as PDF attachment to my email: rodea@mvschools.org


    Please email me with any questions!