• Mill Valley Middle School

    Physical Education: Grade 7th & 8th


    Mr. Ryan Odea

    Room #85 A

    Email: rodea@mvschools.org


    Distance Learning Fall 2020 


    *Daily Physical Activity Goal for Students (40 - 60 minutes each day x5 per week)  


    Live Office Hours:

    Daily Office hours are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from

    1:15 - 2:50 pm


    I am available for questions on assignments posted on Google Classroom Classwork tab and check-ins during this time. I am able to respond via email or video meet on Zoom.  Students may request a Zoom meeting during these times.

    Zoom Expectations and Protocols

    1. As you enter class on time (1-2 minutes ready in Zoom waiting room before class start time), make sure:

    student mic is on mute upon entry. The video is on, with student face visible and students are visible in frame for exercise segments of class. Student’s full name is displayed on the participants list.

    2. Students should be dressed for physical activity

    With appropriate space around them for active movement.

    3. Student cell phones and other non school related electronics should be turned off and

    out of sight to avoid unnecessary distraction.

    4. Students are to be present for the entire Zoom class session - listen, pay attention, be respectful,

    follow directions and participate in all class exercises and activities to the best of their ability!


    Class Overview

    Physical Education assignments are posted on Google Classroom under the Classwork tab and are due the following week. All assigned work is turned into the Classwork tab (Google Doc added as attachment) and will be graded and scores will be posted in both on Google Classroom and Aeries.


    Generally, lessons will include both active exercise and written components. Exercises might include Tabata routines, HIIT workouts, Yoga sequences, or Sports skills practice. 

    Some examples of written assignments students will be asked to turn in include Exercise Activity Tracking logs, Target Heart rate calculating and Heart rate Tracking logs, creating Individual Workout Routines as well as reflections or short quizzes on videos and articles related to sports and fitness that are covered in class.

    These assignments and in class workout challenges are focused on motivating my students to remain active and enrich their knowledge of fitness, sports and health!


    Grading assignments

    Each assigment will be worth credit points and listed/updated to Aeries portal when graded.  To turn in the assignments, students are to turn in assignments via Google Drive under the Classwork tab and attach the Google Docs to the assignment to turn in work and have it graded. 
    Please email me with any questions!