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    The MVMS Distance Learning Plan webpage is where students and parents can access the most current information with regards to the MVMS Distance Learning Plan. This page covers all the essential information for students and parents such as weekly structures, grades, expectations, announcements, etc. We will be updating the page on a regular basis as the school year will begin in distance learning. If you have any questions regarding our Distance Learning Plan, please contact an administrator. For additional information and resources, please visit the Mill Valley School District COVID-19 webpage.


    Public Safety Power Shutoff Plans

    In the event of a PSPS, students who do not have any power in their home, are to complete the Power Outage Plans (POPS). Please be sure to print a copy of the plan (depending on grade level) prior to power being shut-off, and have a copy set aside in the event of a power outage. Students will complete the plan and submit to teacher(s) upon return. In the event that teachers do not have power from home, or at school (MVMS), students are to work on the POPS as well. 



    6th Grade POPS (Power Outage Plans)


    7th & 8th Grade POPS (Power Outage Plans)



    First Week Alternate Schedule

    For the first week of school, August 24 - August 28, we will have an alternate Zoom schedule and Classroom Materials Distribution schedule (on campus). Teachers will send Zoom links for each class through Parent Square. Parents will receive six (or seven) links to the different teacher's schedule. As we move into Distance Learning, each classroom teacher will establish clear procedures for how students will access each of the classes.  During the first week of school, students will see all their classes twice, on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday through Friday will be our "Classroom Materials Distribution" days, where each grade level will be assigned a day (and students from each grade level assigned a time slot). When students are not on campus, they will participate in four Panther Time sessions and complete any asynchronous activities assigned by students. It is important that we establish procedures, get materials to our students, and build community in order to have a successful launch to distance learning.


    Parent Orientation Webinar


    6th Grade Parent Orientation Slide deck


    Student First Week of School Schedule


    Anna Lazzarini, Principal (alazzarini@mvschools.org)

    Mark Nelson, Assistant Principal (mnelson@mvschools.org)

    Lisa Lamar, Dean of Students (llamar@mvschools.org)