Welcome to Mr. Wien's science and technology page!
    Three Tools For Distance Learning Success:
    Google Classroom - See your daily assignments, turn in your work, submit comments.
    Aeries - See what grade you received on assignments and if you are missing any work.
    GMail - Communicate with your teachers (or reach out to friends/classmates!)
    Distance Learning Overview
    Assignments will be posted to Google Classroom by 8 am on the morning they are assigned. 
    It is expected that four days a week, students should spend around 30 minutes on assignments for any one class. 
    There may be some assignments posted which recommend students work over multiple days to complete them and that will be made clear in the directions. 
    I understand there is a whole lot going on and that this mode of school is a big adjustment, and I want to work with you to be successful.  If you miss an assignment you can still turn in late work for full credit if it is well done.
    If you are feeling stuck, confused or need help please let me know!  I want to help however I can, you can email me (bwien@mvschools.org) or leave a comment on Google Classroom.  I am not planning on holding regularly schedule Zoom meetings at this time, but if you would like we can arrange individual or group calls for extra help or clarification.
    Office Hours:
    I will be online and focused just on communicating with students in different classes during the times listed below:
    Science Students  -    Tuesday 1:00 - 2:30         Friday 10:45 - 12:15
    Tech Students        -    Monday  1:00 - 2:30        Friday 9:00 - 10:30
    Check out the links to the left for information about science or technology classes, or if you want to find out about the Robotics team.  

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    Need to contact me?  
    Ben Wien
    6th Grade Science/7th Grade Technology and Engineering Teacher
    415-389-7711 x2706