There is much to celebrate at Mill Valley Middle School.  Our dedicated and passionate staff engage with students daily in a warm, welcoming environment, bringing the curriculum to life through a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding.  At the same time, we are committed to growth and improvement, and the following Vision Statement reflects our goals for the future of the school.


    I.       Curriculum: In the technologically advanced, multi-cultural world of the 21st  century, what students need to learn and how they best learn it have changed.            

    We seek to develop curriculum that:

              a. Draws upon each teacher’s unique abilities and creative approaches while operating within agreed-upon standards that are met consistently within each  grade level

              b. Differentiates the learning experience with understanding and appreciation of  students’ differing learning styles

             c. Connects to real life, so that students reflect upon personal experience and  understand how what they learn can be applied in the real world

             d. Integrates technology into all subjects

             e. Offers students choices in order to increase their intrinsic motivation to  learn

             f. Strives to create authentic learning experiences and to employ authentic assessments when measuring learning

             g. Allows sufficient time to develop deep understanding


    II.     Culture: A safe, healthy, and pleasant environment is integral to positive learning experiences, which extend beyond the classroom. 

    We seek to create a climate in which:

             a. All members of the school community act responsibly and respectfully

             b. Students are active, motivated learners who take responsibility for the learning

             c. Students develop the skills of self-advocacy, especially in the 8th grade

             d.     Students feel safe from bullying and understand how to respond if they witness or experience bullying

             e.  Students have a voice and regularly engage in dialogue with the adult  members of the school community

             f. Student achievement is celebrated in a wide variety of ways

             g. Teachers, administration, and support staff create clear expectations for  behavior and performance

             h.  Teachers, administration, and support staff work collaboratively

             i.   Decision-making processes are transparent

             j.  There is sufficient time allotted to important work


    III.     Community: Strong relationships among and between all members of the learning community make Mill Valley an exceptional place to live, work, and learn.  We seek to build communities in which:

               a. Parents actively participate in the education of their children

               b. Parents experience clear and open communication with teachers, administration, and support staff

               c. Parents trust that the teachers, administration, and support staff have their  child’s best interest at heart

               d. Parents understand school policies and procedures and have confidence in their implementation