• 6th Grade Art

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    6th grade art is a studio-centered visual arts survey course giving students a wide breadth of experiences.  Art making and creative self-expression are core to the 6th grade curriculum.  Aesthetics, art history and art criticism are integrated into the creative process. Students have opportunities to work with a variety of materials and media in both two and three-dimensional formats.  Students will have the opportunity to experience ceramics, printmaking, photography, drawing, painting and crafts among other mediums.

    MVMS students will learn to express personal ideas and feelings using their imagination, intuition, memory,or observation through the visual arts. Students learn to value originality, artistic freedom, and the art process.  The art curriculum places art making at the center.  Aesthetics, art criticism, and history grow out of and integrate with students’ creative experiences.  Students have opportunities to make choices and cope with ambiguity and uncertainty as they exercise judgment in solving artistic problems.  These artistic problems encourage them to invent, experiment, take risks, make mistakes, and learn from each other.  The art curriculum emphasizes the development of the students’ imagination and sensory perception.

    MVMS art curriculum builds upon the K-5 elementary art program.  It introduces students to age-appropriate elements of creative and critical thinking skills and processes, which prepare them for future experiences in the visual arts and extend to all areas of life. Through the practice of creating, using a wide variety of materials and media, students are able to see themselves as artists. 

    Students will develop responsibility and ownership for their participation in art making within the Art Studio.  They will have experiences in the preparation, maintenance, and care of materials, tools, equipment, and facilities.  They will keep journals/sketchbooks and in-process portfolios.