• Syllabus for Language Arts Class

    Following the reading and close examination of expository and narrivtive textsthis class will encompass a comprehensive writing cycle: brainstorming, quick writes, summarizing, outlining/planning, first drafts, editing/revising and presenting.
    We will be using our writing, analyzing, and critical thinking skills to write and present our new knowledge. The assignments in class will vary from single paragraph writing to multi-paragraph essays. Remember, as your teacher, I expect you to always try your best, and as a citizen of this class, I expect you to be positive and supportive. Individuals' writing is personal, so we must always use kindness and constructive criticism to help one another become excellent writers. Our class discussions should be respectful and supportive.
    Homework: students will not have writing homework each night. My expectation is that students work in a focused and productive manner during class, so the writing homework load should be light.
    Students will have a weekly reading log, which will be due every Friday. The choice of what to read is made by parents and their student. Ideally, you will read with your parent(s), have a conversation about the material, log your time, write a breif summary and have your parents sign it.