• 8th Grade Art

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    Eighth-grade art is based on in–depth studio-based art projects. Students use their knowledge of art principles to create, invent, experiment, take risks and solve artistic problems. Eighth graders will sketchbooks and digital art portfolios. Students also have the opportunity to work independently on self-designed art projects to showcase their talents and passions. All projects at this grade level are geared to teach the young artists responsibility and ownership of their own participation in the art-making process. Students study art history and aesthetics while expressing themselves in different mediums. MVMS students will learn to express personal ideas and feelings using their imagination, intuition, memory, or observation through the visual arts. Students learn to value originality, artistic freedom, and the art process. The art curriculum places art-making at the center. Aesthetics, art criticism, and history grow out of and integrate with students’ creative experiences. Students have opportunities to make choices and cope with ambiguity and uncertainty as they exercise judgment in solving artistic problems. These artistic problems encourage them to invent, experiment, take risks, make mistakes, and learn from each other. The art curriculum emphasizes the development of the students’ imagination and sensory perception.