• Primary Evacuation Location

    After an emergency situation has occurred, all students will evacuate to the blacktop/basketball courts near the Community Center and Friends Field. This is our primary evacuation location (however, it is subject to change depending on the type of emergency and/or weather). We kindly ask that parents DO NOT drive on campus, as the area will need to be kept clear for emergency personnel. Once the "all-clear" has been given by law enforcement to release students, students will be released to their parent/guardian, or any adult listed on their emergency card. Parents will be required to check-in at the student release tables, and runners instruct them on how to retrieve their child. The student release tables will be located near the bridge between the staff parking lot and the blacktop. We ask all parents to please be patient.  



    Secondary Evacuation Location

    Some emergency situations require a "secondary evacuation" site. If law enforcement directs students and staff to a secondary evacuation site (to be determined by law enforcement and school officials at the time of the emergency), all parents and guardians will receive communication from the Mill Valley School District Offices as to where the students are being evacuated to, when/how they can retrieve their child, and any other pertinent details about the process. All office staff have been trained in secondary evacuation protocols. It is important to follow instructions and to please be patient as we have a responsibility to, account for all students.