• The Aeries Portal allows students to see their gradebook in each of their classes. This is an efficient way for students to track and ensure they are up to date on turning in assignments in each of their classes. Parents can also see their child’s gradebook - as students see it - as well as the attendance record. Each parent should receive an email to the parent email address in our Aeries student database. It will provide the link and login information for you to access the portal. If your student was enrolled at MVMS last year, your parent portal account remains the same.


    Please use the portal judiciously and understand that teachers are not expected to grade and upload assignment scores on a daily or weekly basis. Students will likely feel additional stress and pressure if they think parents are checking their grades on a weekly basis. When checking the portal, parents are encouraged to do so with their child, as it allows a dialogue about current progress. If there are questions about current progress in a class, we request that students to reach out to teachers first.


    When looking at your child's attendance, please understand that the absences are marked as they are called in. Parent-created absences (for trips or other reasons) are valid for our district but are considered unexcused by the Department of Education (that audits our attendance twice each year). Tardies may show because your child entered the classroom a few minutes late or were not in their seat and ready to work by the time the bell rang and/or when the teacher took attendance.


    Teachers are expected to update gradebooks every few weeks, except 6th grade Wheel classes, which will be updated every six weeks. Teachers will be communicating specifics for their class to students directly. There will be some assignments, projects, and tests that may take longer to grade due to the nature of the assignment and/or the volume of assignments submitted.  Midterm progress, including a midterm grade, will be updated and accurate at midterm dates. Parents will be notified at the midterm that you should log in to the portal to check the midterm grades. Paper progress reports will not be mailed home at the midterm. Paper report cards will be mailed home at the end of the school year. Trimester grades will also be visible in the Aeries Portal.


    For help with your portal account, please email aeriesportal@mvschools.org.

    Access the portal here: https://millvalley.aeries.net/student