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What to expect for Remote Learning in Ms Leonard's Art Classroom

Remote Learning in Ms. Leonard's class is all done through Google Classroom. I intend to have all art work done in class time.  If a student misses a class they should contact me to find out how to make up what they have missed.  A student should only have out of class work if they miss class or are not keeping up with their work during class time.  All projects will be graded on a rubric system, students will always know what is expected of them and the requirements for their art work.

I am available to students all week via email.  I can answer questions, comment on drawing assignments and be present if they just need guidance.  I also communicate via google classroom about late assignments and comments on submitted work.  I prefer students email to ask questions, as sometimes questions get buried in google classroom, depending upon where they are posted.

I also have  Office Hours on  from 1:15-2:50pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Please email for an appointment.

I welcome all communication.  It is important if a student is struggling, that we have an open line of communication, to best support the student.  Please email me with any and all questions.