Degrees and Certifications:

Academic Support Class during Distance Learning

Office Hours

Student Office Hours (Individual Zoom Sessions) Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 1:15 -2:15 pm. Students sign themselves up on Google Classroom.

Parent/Guardian Office hours (Zoom or Phone) Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:15-3:00 pm (by appointment)

If you have questions at other times, email us! Email is a quicker way to reach us than posting in Classroom, as we do not check our Google Classroom comments throughout the day.

Posting Procedures:

Starting the week of 9/7, we will be posting 2 weekly assignments in our Academic Support Google Classroom. 

  1. The Planner Check Assignment will be posted by Tuesday morning and due Thursday night. Students are expected to post a photo or screenshot  of their planners for the week. (Paper planner or My HW App)
  2. The Audit Check Assignment is posted Tuesday morning and due Thursday night. Students are expected to post a screenshot of their missing assignments for each of their other classes (besides Academic Support.) Students should also post a comment on this assignment to indicate which of theirn teachers' office hours the student attended that week and what questions was asked or what topic was discussed.

Grading, Due Dates, and Turn In Procedures

  • All work for the week is due Thursday night.  We want students to be completing their planners and tracking their assignments before the school week comes to an end. We want to be able to support students who are having challenges completing assignments before the week comes to a close.
  • Both weekly assignments in Academic Support class will be given a score of 10/10 points for completion.
  • Points, scores, and credit for assignments will be returned to you via Classroom whenever applicable, but you can track your total points and scores easily by using Aeries Gradebook, which we will update with all assignments.

Academic Support Classroom Snapshot

In Academic Support class, we will check in with students 3 times/week during our group Zoom classes. Students should bring their planners to the Zoom class and should update them during the class. Some students will be asked to attend weekly 1:1 sessions for additional support, and students may sign themselves up as well.  Attendance at these group and individual sessions is the most important part of engaging in the class. The weekly Planner Check and Audit assignments are additional means of engagement. To increase success with Distance Learning, all students in Academic Support are strongly encouraged to meet or check in via email with each of their teachers at least once a week during office hours to practice their self-advocacy skills. (Please copy me on these communications so that I may support and follow-up.) We are here to support you and your family during Distance Learning!