• Digital Media 2/Tech 2 is an advanced technology course offered to seventh and eighth graders. 
    The course is split into two related but separate parts: Tech 2 - Lab, usually held in the room 7 computer lab and Tech 2 - Engineering, held in room 6.  Students will be changing between these two classrooms for Tech 2 so that you have an equal amount of time in each part of the class each trimester. 
    In Engineering students work together in teams to design, build and test various projects, many of which include building and programming robots to complete a viriety of challenges. 
    In the Lab students mostly work independently using desktop computers on a wide range of projects such as movie making, effective data collection and analysis in spreadsheets and developing 3D models, among others.
    Grading for Tech 2 will be the average of the grades for both the engineering and lab portions of the class.  The majority of the grade for class will be based on the completion of projects and occasional quizzes.  Students will also be evaluated on how well they use their time, follow directions, and collaborate with and support one another.

    All assigned work and materials for the class will be posted in Google Classroom.  Please come see me if you need help with any of the projects we are working on, I am regularly available and have Office Hours most days after school.