Welcome to the Technology 2 Webpage
    Tech 2 is an advanced technology course offered to seventh and eighth graders.  The course is split into two related but separate parts taught by Mr. Schulman (Tech 2 - Lab, held in the room 7 computer lab) and myself (Tech 2 - Engineering, held in classroom 6).   Students will be changing between these two classrooms for Tech2 so that you have an equal amount of time in each part of the class each trimester.  
    Here in Tech 2 - Engineering in Room 6 you will be working together in teams to design, build and test various projects (including robots!).  Laptops and iPads are available for teams to use on projects, but they are not always required depending on the assignment.  There is an emphasis on critical thinking and working collaboratively in a team with other students to accomplish a task.

    Grading for Tech 2 will be the average of the grades for both the engineering and lab portions of the class.  75% of the grade for the lab portion of the class will be based on projects, homework, and quizzes.  25% of the grade will be based on how well students use their time, focus, follow directions, collaborate, and support one another.