• Here's a bunch of science links for you to explore.  If you notice any that aren't working, or if you find something you'd like to share with other students send me an email!
    Science in the News Sources
    There are lots of great sources out there, here's a few suggestions to help you get started:

    Interesting topics related to science, you can use the button on the right to adjust the reading level.


    Science News Explores
    This website is devoted to reporting science news specifically for students, and it's organized by topic.


    Great news articles written for kids, includes a wide range of topics and related videos.

    The Planetary Society
    Fantastic website with information on space exploration, including high resolution pictures from missions.


    Yahoo! Science News
    Great up to date listing of current events in science.


    Live Science
    Website with all sorts of science news, some pretty far out there...


    Lots of great science news topics written in a way that makes them easier to understand


    Excellent daily news updates from around the world (account may be required for some articles)
    HUGE List of scientific studies
    There are so many!  Check out this list of different fields of science from thoughco.com.