Math Placement From Grade 7 to Grade 8 

    MVMS seventh graders are currently in one of two math classes: Math 7 or Math 7/8. Eighth graders will be in one of two classes: Math 8 or Algebra.


    The traditional pathway for Math 7 students is to progress to Math 8 in 8th grade.  Students that have demonstrated exceptional mastery of Math 7 and are capable of a greater challenge will be considered for Algebra in 8th grade. Next year's math placement will be determined based on student performance in the following areas:


    • Standardized Test Scores (when available)
    • Initial Math 7 quiz and test scores
    • Math 7 overall grades (1st and 2nd trimesters)
    • MVMS Math Placement Test given in the third trimester
    • Optional: Participation in the "Math 8 Topics for Algebra Prep" Google Classroom. (This is only for those interested in being considered for placement into Algebra next year.  Those not interested in taking Algebra next year DO NOT NEED to enroll in this Google Classroom.)


    Current math teachers also take into account their ten-month long experience teaching seventh graders. Teachers know student habits, attitudes, approaches, and abilities. Independence, attention to detail, thoroughness, self-motivation, and responsibility are especially important traits for students who take Algebra in eighth grade.


    The "Math 8 Topics for Algebra Prep" Google Classroom contains topics that are covered in Math 7/8 that you would otherwise miss if you progressed directly from Math 7 to Algebra. Those wishing to prepare for Algebra should enroll in the "Math 8 Topics for Algebra Prep" Classroom, complete and submit work on the posted skills.  You do not need to complete all of the assignments before the end of the school year.  It is important that you work at a pace that allows you to learn, without over-stressing yourself. The class code for this Google Classroom is: ofkmhks.


    MVMS Algebra covers all of high school Algebra and the topics of eighth grade math that were not taught in Math 7/8. This additional content will require MVMS Algebra to move at a rapid pace.

    Math placement information for all grades can be found on the school website under “ESSENTIALS.”  Further questions should be directed to your student’s current math teacher.


    This year we will likely inform families of next year's placement the first week in June. A family can file an appeal of the placement within a week of notification. A description of the appeals process is included in the placement notification.


    The Mill Valley Middle School Math Department