• Math Placement Appeal Process


    Appropriate math placement is one of the most critical tasks for the Math Department. The department takes very careful consideration when placing students. Short and long term student comprehension, confidence, and academic success are fundamental to our placement philosophy. We want our students to not only pass their math classes, but to excel in all ways while they enjoy mathematics to the greatest extent possible. Moving at a suitable pace is crucial to ensuring their longitudinal success.


    Changes in placement for students who did not meet the criteria for Math 7/8 or Algebra are unlikely. However, the Mill Valley School District does have a placement appeal process:

    (1)  Parents fill out the Math Placement Appeal Form and submit it to the MVMS office or by email to jpalmer@mvschools.org by Monday, June 10 no later than 4:00 p.m. 
    (2)  A committee comprised of math teachers from all grade levels, counselors, and administrators review the request and make a decision.
    (3)  Parents receive a written response.