• Destiny Read App Icon To access Mill Valley Middle School e-books and digital audio books, go to destinydiscover.com or use the Discover MS app/link on your iPad.


    Log in using your student or staff Google login (Example: akaufman24) and your student or staff Google password (Example: Ak000000)


    You can browse books (tap "see all") and check out an e-book from the first row or an audiobook from the second row. (Once you check out an e-book, you can download it using the Destiny READ app if you want to read it without internet access. The free app is available for any device and is in the app catalog.)

    To search for a specific book, use the + symbol to select a format to search and make sure you are searching just for e-books or audio books. Otherwise, your search will offer results that include physical books on the library shelves. 


    Don't forget to check out your e-book!

     (Destiny Discover should be available for most web browsers, though not for a basic Kindle.)




Last Modified on April 6, 2023