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    Logo Britannica

    • Britannica
    • Audience: Grades K-12
    • Description: Encyclopedia
    • Common assignments it supports: informational reports, general reference research

    Logo Escolar

    • Escolar
    • Audience: Grades K-12
    • Description: Encyclopedia in Spanish
    • Common assignments it supports: informational reports, general reference research


    Log CultureGrams

    • CultureGrams
    • Audience: Grades K-12
    • Description: Unique cultural information provided by natives and long-term residents on daily life and social customs
    • Common assignments it supports: Country or state report, cultural research, cultural sensitivity 


    • ProQuest SIRS Discoverer
    • Audience: Grades 3-9
    • Description: Selected age-appropriate content on topics of interest to upper elementary and middle school students
    • Common assignments it supports: Animal report, persuasive essay in middle school, biography report

    Logo eLibrary

    • ProQuest eLibrary
    • Audience: Grades 6-12
    • Description: Massive collection of digitized newspapers, magazines, and images with editorialized topic pages to aid with navigation
    • Common assignments it supports: Help narrowing down or finding a topic, general reference research, project requiring multimedia

    Logo Issues

    • ProQuest SIRS Issues Researcher
    • Audience: Grades 6-12
    • Description: Selected articles and graphics on the enduring and talked-about issues of the day
    • Common assignments it supports: Persuasive essay, debate topics

    Logo PBS Videos

    • ProQuest PBS Video Collection
    • Audience: Grades 6-12
    • Description: A streaming video collection providing an exceptional range of content with the most valuable video documentaries and series from PBS
    • Common assignments it supports: In-class use to introduce a topic, engage with students who are visual learners


    Logo Ebook

    • ProQuest Ebook Central
    • Audience: Grades 6-12
    • Description: Ebook Central provides authoritative, full-text e-books in a wide range of subject areas.
    • Common assignments it supports: All curricular areas


    Logo LibGuide

    • ProQuest LibGuide
    • Audience: Educators
    • Description: Resources for educators about how to use and implement ProQuest databases
    • Common assignments it supports: All curricular areas
Last Modified on February 26, 2024