• The 3x3 Model

    Students at MVMS will attend three of their classes (Periods 1-3) the first six weeks of the trimester, and three of their classes (Periods 4-6) the second six weeks of the trimester, in a schedule referred to as the “3x3.” The benefits of a “3x3” include:  it minimizes the contacts for teachers and teachers, allows students to attend their classes four times per week, creates longer instructional periods, promotes in-depth learning, and gives teachers an opportunity to get to know their students on a deeper level.  


    Students will attend three periods of live instruction through Zoom during the day on Monday and Tuesday (70 minutes each), and two periods of live instruction in-person (on campus) on Wednesday through Friday (65 minutes each). In total, they will see each of their three classes (each trimester) four times per week for a total of 270 minutes. These class periods will be synchronous learning. Students will have asynchronous learning time to work on/complete any assignments and/or activities introduced, discussed, reviewed, or assigned when not on campus on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, and either in the morning or the afternoon on Wednesday through Friday (depending on their cohort). Additionally, students may use the independent time for independent reading, iReady math and English practice.



    2nd Trimester Schedule