Daily Home Health Screening

    During the full return to in-person instruction, parents are still required to complete a daily health screening. Students will still come to school and enter through the exterior classroom doors.  Students who report or show symptoms of COVID-19 must be kept home, and should report the absence/illness to the school, list the related symptoms, and call their healthcare provider as soon as possible for further guidance and possible COVID-19 testing.  All health information given to the school remains confidential.


    Arrival and Dismissal from School

    The front parking lot is not a drop-off and pick-up zone. Please utilize the appropriate lane along Sycamore. Arrival and dismissal times will be the same for all students. Students will access their teacher’s classroom through their exterior classroom doors, and may not enter the building through the front or side entrances. Students will also move from class to class by using the exterior classroom doors. Our goal is to minimize the amount of students in the main hallway in order to maintain a minimum distance of 3-4 feet and be outside as much as possible.

    • Parents may drop-off child in the drop-off/pick-up lane along Sycamore, students may walk to school, or students may use the bike racks
    • Students must wait on or near a Panther Paw, yellow circle, and maintain a distance of 3-4 feet while waiting for the first bell to ring at 8:40. Students are not encouraged to arrive on campus sooner than 8:40
    • Students will report their session one teacher’s classroom by accessing their exterior classroom doors
    • In the event a student arrives at school exhibiting any symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or any other communicable illness, they will not be permitted in class and will be required to return home as soon as possible
    • Direct contact at school between students, staff, families, and the community will be minimized at the beginning and end of the school day. 


    Classroom Arrangements

    All classrooms have been arranged so that student work spaces are 3-4 feet apart from other students and the teacher. All desks are facing forward and there is blue tape indicating student work spaces and phyiscal distancing parameters. Additioanally, all classrooms have hand sanitizer dispensors, an air purifier, and all excess furniture has been removed.



    MERV-13 air filters have been installed on all of our HVAC units. Fresh air will be brought into the building through the HVAC system and teachers will be encouraged to keep all windows and doors open in order to maximize the flow of fresh air.  When outside air quality is poor, the system will be readjusted. In cases of very unhealthy air quality, school sites may be required to close and remote learning take place in lieu of in-person instruction. Given the need to ensure additional ventilation by opening windows and doors, students should also dress in layers in order to keep warm on cooler days.


    Restroom Guidelines

    Only two students will be allowed in the restrooms at once. Signs in each of the restrooms indicate the number of students allowed in the restrooms.  When accessing the restroom, students will enter from the interior door and exit through the exterior door. All restroom breaks will be at the beginning of break, but students may use them during class as well. The hallway outside the restrooms will be monitored during breaks to ensure physical distancing, in addition to the egress and ingress of all students. Students are required to wash their hands before and after using the restroom.