• Breaks & Food

    All breaks will be 15 minutes in length with a five minute “warning bell” at 10 minutes, indicating students are to report to their next class (exterior number and yellow dots). Face coverings and physical distancing will be enforced. Students may remove their mask to eat their snack and/or get a drink of water, but may only do so outdoors on the marked yellow circles at seating areas across campus (tables, benches, blocks). In the event of inclement weather, students will need to dress & prepare accordingly (umbrellas, rain gear, warm clothes, etc) as all breaks will be outside (rain or shine). Assigned teachers, administrators, counselors will supervise all areas during break.


    Lunch Procedures 

    All students will eat lunch outside while on campus. Students are encouraged to bring their own lunch from home, but Choice Lunch will still be provided for those who choose. For information about our Choice Lunch Program, please visit our district website. There will be two lunch sessions to accommodate all students safely.  Students will eat lunch with their Period 2 (or Period 5) class in an assigned outside area, and are to sit (or stand) on the yellow/orange circles at a distance of no less than six feet while eating. All students will have 15 minutes to eat their lunch and must remain in their designated area. The final 15 minutes of lunch, the students will be free to move about the grade level areas, socialize, use the restroom, etc. while maintaining their distance from other students.  Masks may be removed to eat or drink, but must be worn at all other times.  


    Inclement Weather 

    In the event of drizzle, mist, or damp weather, students will need to dress appropriately as they will still be required to eat outside. If the forecast calls for severe weather, current Marin Health and Human Services guidelines allows for students to eat unmasked while inside, at six feet apart, 15 minutes or less (though subject to change). Students will remain in their period 2 (or period 5) class and half the class will eat for the first 15 minutes, and half the class will eat the second 15 minutes in order to ensure a distance of six feet. This is only in the event of severe weather.


    Click here for detailed information about student lunch procedures and lunch assignments.