• Weekly Schedule

    Students at MVMS will have six periods of live instruction during the day on Monday (30 minutes each), and three (longer) periods of instruction during the day on Tuesday through Friday (65 minutes each). These class periods will be synchronous learning. Afternoons will be asynchronous learning time for students to work on/complete any assignments and/or activities introduced, discussed, reviewed, or assigned during the class (Zoom) periods. Additionally, students may use the time for independent reading, iReady math and English practice. Teachers will be available in the afternoon for any additional help/support (between 1:15-2:50) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. After each period meets on Monday, periods 1-3 will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while periods 4-6 will meet on Wednesdays and Fridays. Art, Music, and PE will split the 30 minutes for A Day/B Day on Monday, giving each class 15 minutes to introduce the expectations of the week.  During regular periods in remote instruction, students will participate in whole group, small group, and individual learning. Students will also be assigned instructional activities and/or other projects and assignments they can complete during asynchronous learning time. Additionally, Wednesdays will be an “early release” so our teachers can meet, plan, and collaborate. In order to provide a robust, rigorous, and meaningful remote learning experience for our students, it is important we build-in time for teachers to work together.


    Panther Community v. Panther Time

    Panther Community

    "Panther Community" will serve as our daily welcome. All students are required to access "Panther Community" at 8:40AM. The link, ID, and Passcode will be found in their Grade Level Google Classroom (each grade level has its separate Google Classroom for announcements and schoolwide events). During this time, administrators and counselors will play some morning music, read the daily announcements, and share our "Words of Wisdom." We feel this is an important to start each day and to build community during Distance Learning.


    Panther Time

    Traditionally, all MVMS students have a "Panther Time" class that meets every Wednesday. This year, during Distance Learning, students are enrolled in a Panther Time class, but it is not part of the regular Distance Learning Schedule. All teachers do have a "Panther Time" class in the event of a "Special Schedule" during Distance Learning, if we have any schoolwide activities. It is important to remember, that "Panther Time" is not part of the weekly routine during Distance Learning, but, we may have students meet with their "Panther Time" teacher occasionally for any school wide (virtual) event. We will be sure to clearly communicate when students are to meet with their "Panther Time" teacher (i.e. the first week of school).


    MVMS Distance Learning Schedule (.pdf copy)