• GSA: Ms. Josephson, Ms. Taal, Ms. Parsons

    Tuesdays 1:30-2:00

    GSA is a place where everyone is welcome. We are a group of students and teachers who are members or allies of the LGBTQ community and seek to both learn and teach about issues relevant to that community. We are here to support each other, grow together, make new friends, and have fun. Please join us.


    Journalism Club: Ms. Palmer

    Tuesdays @ 2:30-3:00

    The Panther Prints is the MVMS student newspaper. Join us to learn about covering a beat/topic, finding sources, interviewing and writing stories! The Panther Prints will be published about once a month and available through Google Classroom and Parent Square.


    Beyond Differences: Ms. Sheedy and Ms. Jamesson

    Wednesdays @ 11:30

    This club will meet to come up with ways to inspire MVMS students to make sure everyone feels welcome and create a culture of belonging for everyone!


    Yearbook: Ms. Watenpaugh and Ms. Ziesler

    Wednesdays @ Lunch

    The Yearbook Club is responsible for creating the MVMS Yearbook! Join this club to be a part of making this keepsake that all your fellow Panthers will enjoy for years to come. 


    Book Club: Ms. Palmer and Ms. Ziesler

    Wednesdays @ 1:30

    Come read and have lively discussions.



    Community Service: Ms. Watenpaugh and Ms. Manwaring

    Every other week after school on or around campus


    Student Council: Mr. O'Dea and Ms. Fagan

    Once a month

    Welcome prospective student council members,  This year Ms. Fagan and Mr. Odea are happy to be coordinating the Remote Student Council this year.  Our plans include monthly meetings, lunch time events and providing music at lunch as DJs.  We will also look to organize events that will help benefit our local community.  If interested in joining the student council, our first deadline (Oct.16th,2020) is to submit an online email application stating your first and last name, grade level, office interested in running for.


    Current Events Discussion Club: Ms. Dabbah

    Tuesdays @ lunch

    Are you curious about the election? Are you curious about the Supreme Court?  Do you want to understand the biggest news stories of the week? Then the Current Events Discussion Club is for you!  Ms. Dabbah will host weekly meetings  to discuss current events. Club members will read or watch certain current events stories on their own, and then be prepared to discuss, think, and learn about those issues in the club meetings. All discussions will need to be done in a respectful and factual manner. No matter if you know very little about current events, or a whole lot, as long as you want to learn more about your country and its workings, this group is for you! We will have this club until the winter break and then re-evaluate if we want to keep it going in the spring.


    Debate Club

    Mondays @ 1:15


    Chess Club

    Thursday @ 11:25am


    Art Club

    Tuesdays @ 3:00PM


    Anime Club

    Wednesdays @ 3:15PM