• Zoom Guidelines & Policy

    Zoom is Mill Valley Middle School’s primary (and supported) video conferencing tool for “live” interaction (and instruction) with teachers. Its purpose is to create a learning-centered environment.  Students are expected to behave as if this were a regular classroom setting, in a mature and responsible manner. All school rules, teacher guidelines and expectations apply. 


    General Guidelines

    • The introduction of new content and standards may be introduced during a live Zoom session
    • Sessions may also be used for connecting with students, providing extension activities, answering any questions, or clarifying instructional activities
    • Any pre-recorded video files, audio files, or written instructions, instructional activities will be posted in Google Classroom
    • Parents and students are not permitted to externally record, nor will teachers record any Zoom session without the expressed consent of the teacher and principal


    Class Session Student Expectations (Class Session)

    • Prepare a quiet space for class with all necessary materials, that is free from distractions for yourself and others
    • Access the Zoom codes in Google Classroom
    • When on screen, be seated and participate as though you are in a traditional classroom setting
    • Camera should be on at all times 
    • Teacher and/or school approved virtual backgrounds may be used
    • Backgrounds may not be changed (during that period)
    • Place yourself on mute when not talking
    • Join the class session with your first and last name only 
    • Attendance is required (if unable to make a session, contact teacher)
    • Posting, streaming, screen shots, screencasting, or otherwise sharing or commenting on any element of an online class is prohibited
    • Privately commenting to other students in the class, or otherwise distracting others in the class is prohibited
    • Attempting to disrupt the teacher or other students in the class is not prohibited


    Parent Expectations (Class Session)

    • Expect that child will attend all class sessions, and that the child is to communicate with the teacher if they are unable to participate
    • Students who are absent are to communicate with the school and teacher to receive any missed worked
    • Ensure that child has a quiet space to attend the class
    • Classes are for students only
    • Encourage child to communicate any feedback to the teacher 
    • Please be patient and understanding as we are all in this together