• Requirements and Guidelines

    Our teachers will provide a rigorous, inquiry-based educational experience that meets the essential standards, inspires creativity, promotes independence, and prepares students for the next level. Distance learning will have required attendance, grades, consistent communication, and support will be provided for the whole child. We will also seek to build community as a school while we navigate distance learning together. The state requires 240 minutes of daily instruction and this may include combination of live instruction, independent work, homework, and/or assessments. Live interaction is required daily, and all students will receive daily interactions with their teachers. There will also be time set aside for teacher professional development and planning, outreach to students and families, social and emotional support, and community building. The distance learning space will include both synchronous and asynchronous learning. Synchronous instruction is learning in real-time, with live interaction and instruction. Asynchronous instruction is when learning occurs independently and allows students to move at their own pace

    During distance instruction, all assignments, activities, directions, resources, and any instructional videos will be posted in Google Classroom.  Teachers will create instructional (essential) standards-based assignments that encompass a progression of learning.  This includes enrichment, engagement, intervention, remediation and exposure to new material. Teachers will be responsible for creating instructional activities that meet the needs of their students in order to prepare them for the next level.  


    Class Periods (Zoom)

    • Students are required to attend all class sessions via Zoom (attendance will be taken) 
    • All students will meet with each of their classes three times per week for synchronous learning (this will be supplemented by asynchronous learning activities). All periods (zoom) will be 30 minutes long on Monday, and 65 minutes long Tuesday through Friday
    • Teachers will provide students with the opportunity to connect, build relationships, engage in live instruction, support with assignments, extension activities, etc. 


    Teachers will...

    • Post all assignments, directions, resources, or instructional videos in Google Classroom
    • Monitor all assignments, provide feedback for students (varies depending on class)
    • Respond to student emails and inquiries in a timely manner
    • Provide synchronous instruction 3 times a week (30 minutes on Monday, 65 minutes on Tuesday-Friday) for each period
    • Office hours, and any other information pertinent to the course will be on each teacher’s webpage


    Student Expectations

    During distance instruction, attendance is mandated by the state of California and all students are required to “attend school.” Students are responsible for completing the instructional activities assigned by each of their teachers throughout the week. Additionally, students are required to attend all Zoom class periods. During these class periods, teachers will be able to connect with their students, answer questions, deliver instruction, or clarify and guide students through an activity. Any student who is unable to make a Zoom class period must contact the teacher.  Students will also receive feedback for completing work (as determined by the teacher).


    Students will:

    • Complete and submit instructional activities and assignments as assigned by individual teachers
    • Attend all Zoom class periods and adhere to Zoom policy
    • Use the “Asynchronous learning time” to complete all assignments and submit them
    • Contact teachers with questions on instructional activities at any time during the week
    • 30 minutes of daily independent reading